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How to Anchor a Shed Based on Your Foundation,

Knowing How to Anchor a Shed is Key An important part of framing a shed is deciding how to anchor it. Should you anchor it deep in the ground or set it on top? Unfortunately, the answer isn’t always straightforward and will depend on the shed’s size and intended use, the soil characteristics, the slope […]

My Tool Shop – An Inside Look at the Construction of My Shop,

My Dream Tool Shop I started the construction of my tool shop, with a little help from my father, in late July 2013 and by September 1st the construction was completed (Back in 2001 when we built our home I had the slab for the tool shop poured and hoped to construct it the following […]

How to Install Cabinets – A To-Do Checklist,

Need to install cabinets? You first need a to-do checklist. If you want to successfully install cabinets, you need to be obsessively planned and organized. While that means having the right drills, drivers, bits, and other tools on hand when work starts, a trouble-free cabinet installation actually starts long before then. A crucial first step […]

Simplified Alternatives to Traditional Exterior Wall Bracing,

Exterior wall bracing doesn’t have to be complicated. Although codes have long required that exterior wall bracing be able to resist racking from wind forces, recent years have seen these requirements grow in complexity. Even some engineers struggle with them. Never fear, now there’s an alternative, easier way to satisfy the code’s intent for exterior […]

Construction Maintenance Stories on the Son of Beast,

Construction Maintenance on the Son of Beast   I used to work for a maintenance and upgrade company that King’s Island hired for projects their staff couldn’t do.  A few years ago we were asked to do some work on the Son of Beast roller coaster, a record-breaking wooden roller coaster that opened in 2000.  […]