Summer Daredevil Spade Bit Try It Before You Buy It Sweepstakes

Sometimes all it takes is personal experience

DD Try It Before Buy It

In May we ran this same sweepstakes and we received such a positive response that we decided to run it again.  Many of you still haven’t tried our innovative Daredevil spade bits, and we know that once you do, you’ll never go back.

We have no doubt that our bits are the best in the market, which is why we will give 200 people a free spade bit to try for themselves.  Users also agree that Daredevil spade bits are top-quality, as seen by the 4.9/5 stars rating on  Click here read more than 100 reviews on

If you’re still not sure if a spade bit can really be that good, then watch a head-to-head video showing how two leading brands compare.  In the video you can see that the Daredevil spade bits greatly outperforms a leading competitor – with a Daredevil spade bit you can drill close to three holes in the time it takes the other bit to drill one.

Sorry, contest is over!